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Dream of finally finishing that draft or launching that side-hustle? Make your next creative project your best yet, with simple steps from creative superstar Emma Gannon!

In this new class, Emma shares the framework that allowed her to overcome self-doubt and carve her own path as an author, broadcaster, and podcast host. The secret to her success? Fed up with feeling afraid—of failure, of not being good enough, even of success—Emma dug into the science behind self-sabotage and learned exactly how to get out of her own way.

Now, Emma is sharing what she’s learned so that you can do the same: unlock your creative potential while feeling energized and empowered!

Together with Emma, you will:

  • Dagelijks opzegbaar
  • 100% sommendekking
  • Voorwaarden: Geldig voor beroepsklassen 1 en 2
  • Beroepsklasse 1: administratieve en adviserende beroepen, management beroepen
  • Beroepsklasse 2: commerciële beroepen, winkeliers

Packed with insights and examples from Emma’s personal journey, this class is designed for every creative who needs a pep-talk or extra push to get started— and includes five exclusive downloadable worksheets to support you along the way.

Whether you’re looking to break through block, remove self-imposed pressure, or simply approach each new project with intention, this 45-minute class will unlock your confidence as a creative. Get started and celebrate taking the first step!

Ontmoet de ondernemer

Author, Broadcaster, Podcast Host

Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker, novelist, and host of the no. 1 creative careers podcast in the UK, Ctrl Alt Delete. Emma started her career in digital marketing and social media editor roles at The Debrief magazine and Condé Nast. She has been a columnist for The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Courier magazine on the topics of work, wellbeing, creativity and choosing your own path. In 2017, she was selected by Microsoft to appear in their TV campaign showcasing her multi-hyphenate life. In 2018, she was selected in the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 list in media. She is a popular teacher on the online learning platform Skillshare, and proud to be an ambassador for The Princes Trust and World Literacy Foundation.